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If you or someone you love has been convicted, either by a jury, judge or plead guilty, the appellate process is the only chance to continue fighting the charges. There are important deadlines that arise soon after the sentence is determined, so it is important that you contact an attorney today. Missing just one important deadline may lead to losing your appeal.

Many factual and legal issues arise during trial that can result in an unjust guilty verdict. The only way to continuing fighting your case after a guilty verdict is through the appeals process. Only an experienced criminal appeals attorney will know what steps you need to take and what issues you need to raise to fight your verdict. Contact my office today so an experienced attorney can begin fighting for you in the appellate courts.

Texas Appellate Court System

Appellate courts play an integral role in our judicial system. Appellate courts issue opinions and interpret the law and how it should be applied in the courts. After a defendant is sentenced in either a district or county court, the first court to appeal to is the Court of Appeals. Texas is divided into fourteen Courts of Appeals. The Fourth Court of Appeals is located in San Antonio, Texas and hears cases from Bexar County as well as 31 other surrounding counties.

Petition for Discretionary Review to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

After an appeal to the Court of Appeals, a criminal defendant then would file a Petition for Discretionary Review in the Court of Criminal Appeals in Austin, Texas. The Court of Criminal Appeals is at the top of Criminal Appellate courts in Texas and has final jurisdiction over Texas criminal cases. Unlike the Court of Appeals, the Court of Criminal Appeals does not have to review the cases filed in its court. After the Court of Criminal Appeals rules on a criminal case if further appellate review is necessary, the case could be appealed to the United States Supreme Court located in Washington D.C.

Federal Appellate System

The Federal Courts system consists of 13 separate circuits, each with its own Appellate Court. Texas federal district courts falls within the Fifth Circuit, which also includes federal district courts from Louisiana and Missippi. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is located in New Orleans, LA. The losing party in a federal appeal may then file a writ of certiorari to the United States Supreme Court asking it to review the case. The United States Supreme Court does not have to review every case filed in its court.

Every stage of an appeal whether in State or Federal Court is critical to fighting your conviction. You must have an experienced lawyer working for you. Contact me now to set up a free consultation to discuss your appeal.

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