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Expunction and Orders of Non-Disclosure

Expunction (Erasing Your Record)

If you were arrested, but you were case was dismissed or you were found not guilty by a judge or jury, you will still have an arrest record. You are eligible to have your record expunged so that the records of your arrest will be destroyed. This means any time someone conducts a background check on you, you will no criminal records will appear. It is very important to have a clean record especially when you are attempting to get a new job. Even though you were never convicted of the case, a potential employer would be able to see that you were arrested. Processing the paperwork to get your record expunged takes time. Call the Law Office of Dayna L. Jones at (210) 255-8525 today to talk with the attorney about expunging your criminal record.

Orders of Non-Disclosure (Sealing Your Record)

If you were arrested and placed on deferred adjudication, you may eligible to have your record sealed. Sealing your record and getting it expunged are separate options. Expunging your record destroys any record of your arrest whereas having your record sealed merely hides your record if a general background check is conducted. However, there are certain agencies, such law enforcement and the nursing board for example, who can still view sealed records. Contact attorney Dayna L. Jones at (210) 255-8525 to see if you are eligible to get your arrest record sealed.

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