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Drug Offenses

San Antonio criminal attorney Dayna L. Jones is experienced in handling any drug cases ranging from misdemeanor possession of marijuana to felony drug trafficking offenses. Because the drug charges are frequently and aggressively prosecuted in Texas, hiring a criminal defense lawyer to defend and protect your rights is essential. Attorney Dayna L. Jones has experience in working with individuals accused of all types of drug crimes.

Drug crimes can vary from simple drug possession to large scale manufacturing and distribution cases. In Texas, there are harsh collateral consequences of a drug conviction, such as having your driver’s license suspended for a misdemeanor marijuana conviction and also losing financial aid assistance for school. Depending on the amount of drugs and type of drugs you are charged with will determine whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges. For example, the penalties for felony cocaine or heroin charges are far more severe than possession of a small amount of marijuana. The penalties you may face depend on several things such as the type and quantity of drugs seized and whether there weapon found near the drugs. Because of the concern over illegal drugs crossing our borders from Mexico and elsewhere, San Antonio and surrounding law enforcement agents, aggressively prosecute drug offenses in both federal and statecourt.

Defending Drug Offenses

There are many constitutional issues that may arise in drug cases such as a Fourth Amendment search and seizure issue. Typically, the most successful defense to drug charges is challenging how the police seized the drugs that they are charging you with. Law enforcement officers must follow the requirements of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, the state of Texas Constitution and the U.S. Constitution. Evidence obtained illegally will be suppressed and cannot be used against you in your criminal case.

If you are looking for a criminal attorney to defend you against drug charges, call attorney Dayna L. Jones at (210) 255-8532 so that you get the representation you need immediately. Phones are answered 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The first consultation is always free.

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