Sex Crimes

Types of Sex Crimes

Sex crimes include a wide range of charges such as sexual assault, rape, lewd and lascivious conduct, sexual assault of a child, child pornography, failure to register as a sex offender and prostitution. Society and the legal system view crimes against children as some of the most serious crimes and the punishment for these can be extensive. Many individuals have been wrongly accused of committing a sexual offense, but even those wrongly accused can face serious consequences. If you are contacted by law enforcement or know that you are being accused of a sexual crime, you need to contact an attorney immediately.

Consequences of a Conviction for a Sexual Offense

In addition to the possibility of serving a jail or prison sentence, being convicted of a sexual offense may carry overwhelming penalties. Individuals arrested or even accused of a sexual offense could potentially lose their employment and could lose personal relationships with family and friends. If you are conviction of a sexual offense, you could be forced to register as a sexual offender. Being accused of a sexual crime is highly sensitive, emotionally charged and stressful time in an individual’s life. Having a competent criminal defense attorney representing you at every stage in your case is essential to ensuring the best possible outcome for your case.

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